[Events] December round-up

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Wed Dec 10 09:15:46 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

This is the very first Events mailing! Some ideas for fun things to
check out in London coming up in December.

[[ Apart from the events I've organized or am performing in -- marked
with a * below -- I've no involvement in any of these - they're events
I've been to in the past (thanks to many friends on this list!) and am
going to again. ]]

* Dec 10: Paul (yes, me) sings! - http://yesyoucansing.com/
  Dec 13: Santacon              - http://santacon.co.uk/
  Dec 14: The Whoopee Club      - http://www.thewhoopeeclub.com/
* Dec 18: Moroccan Xmas Party   - http://paulm.com/events/
  Dec 20: Lost Vagueness        - http://www.lostvagueness.com/
  Dec 27: Club Tilt             - http://www.clubtilt.co.uk/

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends!

Mail/text me for pre-event meet-up info closer to the day if you'd like
to come along with a posse.


Tonight I'll be performing "Always look on the bright side of life" as
the completion of a series of singing workshops I've taken with Gena Dry
(http://yesyoucansing.com/ ). Now, I've never sung before this
workshop(!) and will be on stage with the rest of the folks on the
course performing together and individually. Scary? Yep. I've had a real
blast doing this course and have learnt an enormous amount about not
just singing but presentation, performance, and how to engage lots of
people at once. Come and see if I manage it ;-)

This'll be a small, intimate thing with the emphasis on fun and
entertainment rather than absolutely technical singing wizardry ;-)

Venue: Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 8LN.
Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=531778&Y=183666&A=Y&Z=1
Time: 9pm prompt (i.e. show up a bit earlier)


It's quite simple. Dress up as Santa, wander around Central London,
get drunk, have a jolly merry time, end up posing in sex shops
(optional). This nonsense started out in San Francisco and is
happening for the third time in London this year. Expect mayhem, and
being a part of probably over 100 Santas.

Date: Afternoon on, 13 December 2003
Venue: TBA
Cost: free
Dress code: Santa! Woolworths sell a complete outfit (male & female
versions this year!) for a little over a tenner.
Site: http://santacon.co.uk/


Combination of bawdy performance art & comedy, and shameless excuse to
wear skimpy early nineteenth century outfits. 'Nuff said.

Date: Evening on, 14 December 2003
Cost: 20q in advance only
Keywords: Cabaret, Burlesque, comedy, Vaudeville, showgirls, cabaret
The idea: http://www.thewhoopeeclub.com/images/pics/agency.jpg
Site: http://www.thewhoopeeclub.com/


By serendipity I discovered this gorgeous Moroccan cafe' in Camden and
was so impressed I booked it out immediately for a party next week.
Indoors there's plenty of plush seating and decor, outside is under a
large Moroccan tent/marquee with gas heaters. If booked in advance a
buffet meal is available for about a tenner. We're at about half
capacity so feel free to invite friends, family, loved ones. Mix up
those social groups! RSVP to me, please.

Date: 7-8pm - 3am, Thursday 18 December 2003
Cost: free (buffet meal optional extra)
Site: http://paulm.com/events/
RSVP: yes please


More sleaze & erotic action in The Whoopee Club vein - this is the only
event here I haven't attended so will be an experiment for me too.

Date: Saturday 20th December 2003
Cost: 35q
Site: http://www.lostvagueness.com/pages/invite.htm


A nightclub playing trance, dance, electronica... during the day. Great
vibe, decent sound system, intimate setting, friendly people, and when
you leave the night has barely started! (Except of course in Dec in the
UK where it's been dark for four bloody hours already.)

Date: 1pm - 8pm Saturday 6th December 2003
Cost: some amount under a tenner (the flyer, door people, website can't agree)
Site: http://www.clubtilt.co.uk/


If anyone has any suggestions for "must see!" events this month please
drop me a line and I'll forward on!

Have a great December and see you around,

Paul +44 7814 728381

Paul Makepeace ................................ http://paulm.com/events

"If I said the lunch was made of fish, then why should I."
   -- http://paulm.com/toys/surrealism/

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