[Events] Circle Line Parties 3

Paul Makepeace paul at circlelineparty.org.uk
Mon Feb 9 20:07:41 GMT 2004

Circle Line Parties 3 is going to happen in Spring. Last night three
dozen or so were in attendance at a grimy soho pub.

Taking over a London Underground Circle Line train last year was
apparently "f--king awesome", "really fantastic", "the most enjoyable
and uplifting public event I have ever - ever - attended".

This year we'll need a bigger venue. That means more trains: multiple
simultaneous parties throughout London Underground. Our resident maths
professor has calculated an expected passenger involvement in excess of
three thousand party-goers.

Except we're not organising a damn thing -- you are.

More at: http://circlelineparty.org.uk/

Agent Paul

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