[Events] 2004-11-05 // The Creative Swing

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Mon Nov 1 14:57:29 GMT 2004

In on the offchance you're bored with fighting London's millions,
cramming into damp parks to watch "fireworks" watered-down by both
weather and the cumulative nanny-state legislative redtape, come along
to The Creative Swing who are holding what looks to be a fab event
this Friday.

``The Creative Swing is a group of artists, performers, designers,
  dancers, film-makers, actors, writers, photographers and other
  creative people.

  We have set up a new [it's actually been going a while -- Paul] club
  night to show our work and to develop creative projects. At each event
  we display artwork, stage short performances, dance sets, films,
  music, plays, games, costumes, story telling, comedy, mixed media
  projects and anything else that the artists and performers prepare for
  the night. ''

This particular night is helping 'Working Wonders' (Arts for Islington)
volunteer project, http://www.artsforislington.com/

Time: 19:00 prompt
Date: Fri 5th Nov 2004
Venue: Union Chapel Studio Theatre, Compton Ave, Islington N1
Map: http://www.unionchapel.org.uk/location.php
Site: http://www.thecreativeswing.com/
Pix: http://www.thecreativeswing.com/gallery.html
Cost: free
Dress-up: oh, go on then


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