[Events] 2004-12-11 // Santacon 2004

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Fri Sep 24 14:29:51 BST 2004

Get your calendars out now, this is it!

>From the inside track, barely even filtering out, certainly not
on the site, you heard it here first, etc....

Santacon 2004 date has been announced! What was one of the highlights
and quite frankly lowlights of the entire year's '03 party scene (and I
don't say that lightly) is back ...

Time: Midday
Date: 11th December 2004
Venue: TBC
Site: http://www.santacon.co.uk/ <-- check it out!

Some of last year's pics http://paulm.com/events/2003/santacon/

And there's more!! The evening will continue 'til 6am with a second
event so unbelievably decadent, celebratory, drunken, wet, foamy,
(those last two are a clue), I can barely contain myself with
excitement -- this will be 18hr of madness to lift the lid off London.
I'm not allowed to go into detail lest the press start chasing us.
Watch this space...

Santa Ali G

PS Reminder: Doctors & Nurses tonight, stethoscopes, masks, blood,
   and Freddie Kruger hands acquired! http://www.moochin.biz/

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