[Events] 2005-06-11 13:00+15:00 // Architecture Week opening by Urban Freeflow @ Trafalgar Square

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Fri Jun 10 21:02:58 BST 2005

OK, let's get this show on the road again... And this event seemed 
fitting, involving people falling great heights wearing only trainers.

Architecture Week is starting next Friday and the launch is this 
Saturday 11th, 1pm. In particular the launch features two hour-long sets 
by world-famous UK parkour/free-running group, Urban Freeflow. If you've 
seen "Jump Britain" on TV, that's these guys. Superhuman-seeming jumps, 
rolls, and gymnastic repurposing of existing urban architecture. It's 
flat out incredible, and they're performing live in Trafalgar Sq.

I get out of hospital Sat eve and have another couple of months in a 
wheelchair after that. I want to see this so badly I'm gonna wheel my 
sorry broken ass from St Thomas' Hospital to Traf Sq before I'm even 
technically discharged. Anyone wants to join me I'll probably aim for 
the 13:00 so I can get back in time and innocently whistle like I was 
still on the ward the whole time, yes sirree, nurse...

Time: 13:00 and 15:00
Date: Saturday 11th June 2005
Venue: Trafalgar Sq
Site: http://www.architectureweek.org.uk/
Flyer: http://www.architectureweek.org.uk/downloads/TRAF_FLYER.pdf
Performers: http://www.urbanfreeflow.com/


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