[Events] 2006-01-29 // Chinese New Year

Paul Makepeace paul at makepeace.net
Fri Jan 27 12:20:19 GMT 2006

Thanks to James W for reminding me - Sunday 29th is also Chinese New Year,
entering the year of the Dog, an especially great year for Tigers & Horses.

More on the Dog: http://chinese.astrology.com/dog.html
Chinese horoscope for 2006: http://chinese.astrology.com/year/index.html

And the events on Sunday:

``London's celebration for Chinese New Year of the Dog begins with a
parade, starting at 11am, along Charing Cross Road to Trafalgar Square.
The parade features Gold Sail Dance group from Beijing plus London based
performers including Jun Mo.

``The main event takes place in Trafalgar Square from 12noon to
5.30pm with dragon and lion dances and the best of Chinese arts and
entertainments on stage.

``There will be two fireworks displays at 2pm and 5pm in Leicester Square.''

Taken from:

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