[Surfside] The Execution Tapes

Paul Makepeace bookmarks@paulm.com
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:29:36 -0800

``In 1998, [..] audio tapes of 22 Georgia executions -- tapes
recorded by members of the state's Department of Corrections for their
own records -- entered the court record when criminal defense lawyer
Mike Mears subpoenaed the tapes in a lawsuit he brought challenging the
state's use of the electric chair. Sound Portraits acquired the
recordings, and, in conjunction with WNYC, produced The Execution Tapes.

The Execution Tapes is an hour-long public radio special hosted by Ray
Suarez featuring excerpts of recordings made in Georgia's death house
during state electrocutions. This broadcast is the first time a national
audience is able to hear what takes place during a state-sponsored
execution. ''