[Surfside] Teacher displays porn during exam

Paul Makepeace bookmarks@paulm.com
Wed, 22 May 2002 04:44:54 -0700

This could be a dictionary-quality example of the usage of the
phrase "d'oh!"


``Sixth formers at a leading independent school were exposed to
pornographic images of women during a mock exam. The students at
Marlborough College in Wiltshire were part way through the AS-level exam
when several looked up and noticed indecent pictures being relayed onto
a large screen.

The invigilator, maths teacher Richard Jowett, appeared to have been
looking at the material on his personal computer, forgetting it was
linked up to the monitor.

In a statement, head teacher Edward Gould said: "Three weeks ago, while
invigilating a practice examination for 17 pupils, Richard Jowett used
the computer and entered a website for 13 minutes containing still
photographs of naked adult women."

"The classroom monitor was on and some pupils saw these photographs.

"At the end of the examination, a pupil reported the incident to another
member of the teaching staff.

"An investigation was held immediately - this included a full technical
investigation and has led to disciplinary action being taken.

"Mr Jowett is currently on sick leave."

Mr Gould would not disclose whether Mr Jowett would be returning to the
school and declined to answer any further questions.''

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