[Surfside] A monkey that is sitting atop the statue of Lord Hanuman for the past twenty-two days is attracting streams of people.

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BANGALORE-AUGUST 23: This is the story of a male adult monkey that has
metamorphosised as God Hanuman. No joke. A monkey sitting atop the
statue of God Hanuman for the past twenty-two days is attracting streams
of people to this unbelievable happening . It all happened at
Thimmaganapalli. A monkey just came inside the Altar or sanctum to the
surprise of the priest and other on lookers. They bet the monkey with
the stick and many have even threw stones. In the melee the monkey bore
all this and came out with a new avatar as monkey God. The effort of the
villagers to chase the monkey did not yield any results. The monkey
doesn't eat anything, not even a delicious banana.

"This is the reincarnation of God. This monkey is no ordinary monkey. It
has come here twenty two days back and sitting here day and night. I
come in the morning and perform pooja till late night. Thousands of
people across are coming to see this wonder. For the people of this
village this is for good. For the first five days we tried to chase this
monkey away from the temple but it did not budge and inch. Then the
elders decided that it is God and we are performing pooja," said
Krishnamurthy, priest of the Hanuman temple.

The word spread across attracting thousands of people to see this ardent
devotee. "I have come from Hindupur to see this wonder. This is really
God coming in new avtar and reincarnation. For me this is God and for
Good, said Nirmala, a visitor.

Even now the monkey is sitting atop the statue like a rock. People are
thronging and performing pooja. (ANI)

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