[Surfside] Intensely emphemeral film archive

Jez Weston jezweston@yahoo.com
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:46:42 +0100 (BST)

Aluminum on the March (Part II)
How aluminum contributes to everyday living and national defense:
appliances, packaging, airplanes, etc. With great stop-motion animation
and excellent imagery of aluminum-enabled Fifties America.

Atomic Energy as a Force for Good (Part I)
Drama showing the reactions of citizens of a small town to the
construction of a nuclear energy plant in their community, and their
acceptance of the peaceful aspects of atomic energy.

Out of This World
Sales training film for duPont Film Division (cellophane), featuring an
angel and devil monitoring the activities of bakery salesmen on earth,
and explaining how packaging helps to sell food. In Kodachrome.
Produced: 1954

Playing Together
Good behavior during a child's leisure time.
Produced: ca. 1950

Redwood Saga
Cutting, loading, transportation, mill sawing and finishing operations
of the Northern California's redwood lumber industry.
Produced: 1940

and over a thousand more:



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