[Events] Confucius, he say ... dinner time!

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Fri Jul 2 16:02:03 BST 2004

In a shock moment of organising a event more than 36h in advance...
(You have no excuses this time ;-)

A friend of mine highly recommended the Confucius restaurant in
Wimbledon. Surprisingly enough, it's a Chinese restaurant. So, let's go
on Thursday! Drinks beforehand.

18:00, Bar Sia, Wimbledon, 105-109 The Broadway

19:30, Confucius, Wimbledon, a short amble to 271 The Broadway

RSVP by Tuesday and I'll book the table Tues. I'll keep the attendees
at http://paulm.com/inchoate/archives/002958.html

(Everything on events is OK to forward, so feel free, esp. invite
friends--that's the whole idea ;-)

Have a nice weekend, and July 4th if you're doing that thing,

PS Other mostly local stuff going on during the week:
   http://paulm.com/inchoate/archives/002957.html -- do join in!

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