[Events] 2004-07-31 // The London Triathlon

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Fri Jul 30 16:45:10 BST 2004

I know less than 24h isn't much time to prepare for a triathlon, but I
believe in you guys!

Seriously though - I'm heading over to ExCeL in the Docklands where this
year's tri is happening to support a friend in the Sprint category (I
was going to taking part in this event but am not now sadly).

We're probably going to watch the swim event as that's the one with the
most blatant carnage: all the swimmers dive in at the same time in a
huge free-for-all, and let's just say they don't always play fair...

Time: starts at noon; we'll be there 11-ish
Date: Saturday 31st July
Venue: ExCeL http://www.thelondontriathlon.com/04pages/travel.shtml
Event map: http://www.thelondontriathlon.com/04pdf/The-London-Triathlon-Spectator-Map.pdf
Site: http://www.thelondontriathlon.com/


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