[Surfside] squid eats skua.....from the inside out!!

Paul Makepeace bookmarks@paulm.com
Thu, 2 May 2002 09:01:00 -0700

 ``On Sunday 16 September 2001, a day or so after the severe storms in
 Cape Town and surroundings, I saw a dark brown bird on the beach in
 Strand. On closer investigation, it was identified as a Subantarctic
 Skua (Catharacta antarctica). The bird was clearly not well. I decided
 to catch it and take it to the Helderberg Wild Animal Rescue Centre in
 Gordon's Bay. First, I took several photos of it sitting on the beach.
 It was through the telephoto lens of the camera that I saw there was
 something strange, a .wormlike. creature, on the chest of this bird.''

	[contains some slightly icky pictures]