[Events] 2004-10-23 // Burners Night Out

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Fri Oct 22 15:49:44 BST 2004

A pile of Burning Man http://www.burningman.com/ folk are putting on a
party in Holborn tomorrow night and it will be pretty damn good if past
events are anything to go by. Good opportunity to learn about BM if
you've never been, too.


"Burners Night Out"

Date: Saturday 23rd October, tomorrow!
Venue: Parker Place. Parker Street, London WC2B 5PS.
Map: http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?pc=WC2B+5PS
Time: 8pm till late.
Tax: Free.
Costumes: Yes please!
DJ's: Yoms, Pete, Max, Cookie and a special treat all the way from Thailand...


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